Our team

The glue that binds us together is a wish to do things right and to create a product with a purpose - both in terms of designing useful clothes, but also having the environment in mind when we choose qualities, production techniques and having the conditions for the people behind in mind. We strongly believe that sustainability and yoga fits well together, so making organic and GOTS certified yoga wear is something that make sense to all of us.

Lili Denta

Lili has worked with sourcing and production for fashion brands in Scandinavia for more than 30 years, the last 12 years with her own company Sourcing House. She is also a passionate yoga practitioner and will soon finish a 3 year herbalist education. She started Yogamii because she loves yoga, but also to inspire other brands to produce certified sustainable clothing.

Sara Høgh-Nielsen

Sara has a passion for sustainability and is always on the lookout for ways to our improve production - be it innovative materials or recycling fabrics. After a few years in the Netherlands, she came back to Denmark and together with Lili they have worked hard to build up Yogamii and to become a GOTS certified brand.

Marie Ørberg

Marie, a designer and brand manager, has been involved in the clothing fashion business with the brand Best Behavior. Marie has a passion for design, yoga and the organic lifestyle - so joining a sustainable, organic yoga brand was an easy choice. Opening the shop GUL with Yogamii, Best Behavior and Mallow, was an old dream coming true and is now her favourite place to be.

Johan Staureby

Johan, an IT guy, entrepreneur and hiking enthusiast, was intrigued by being part of a venture which is a for-the-environment first. He believes that the traditional “for-profit” motivation is an outdated business model, without taking the big picture into account. He is also involved in the community app coRelate, which connects like-minded patients and relatives.