Our values

Our values

Whether practicing yoga, movement, mindfulness or if you just like soft and organic clothing, we want you to feel comfortable in what you wear. Yogamii is a Danish, GOTS certified yoga wear brand with functional details, comfortable materials and simple design.

What brings our team together is the wish to do things right and create products with a certain purpose and value. We design sustainable yoga wear and accessories created with environmental consideration and social responsibility in mind when selecting production methods, working conditions and materials.

We strongly believe that sustainability and yoga fit well together, why producing organic and GOTS certified yoga makes sense for all of us in the team.


We are proud of our sustainable production chain. With gentle production methods, decent working conditions and GOTS certified materials, we have done our best to make sure that buying and wearing our products is an easy conscious choice.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the world's leading standard for organic textiles and sets high standards for organic production as well as social and environmental considerations.

Our suppliers in India have a strong focus on resource optimization and waste water treatment after conversion to ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) production. ZLD is a closed system where the water is recycled and no waste is discharged into nature.  

Our Sustainable Shop

Our Sustainable Shop

In Best Behavior Shop at Blågårdsgade 18, situated in the heart of Copenhagen, Yogamii is represented with our full collection.

Our close collaboration with Best Behavior about sustainability makes the shop an organic and sustainable place, you can find on Google maps and on the map and App of Go Green.  

Blågårdsgade 18
2200 København N

Opening hours: 
Tuesday-Friday // 12-17.30
Saturday // 12-16