responsible production

yoga and everyday wear

We design organic yoga and everyday wear in mindful ways. 
For the environment, for you, and for the people who produce it.

spring feeling
all purple

what our customers say

yogamii is my favorite workwear. It is stylish and, at the same time, incredibly comfortable to wear. Yogamii is Nordic coolness - produced by people with warm hearts.

Karina Helsted Moe

Before I really knew the brand, I heard from my girlfriend that yogamii was exceptionally comfortable yoga clothes, which I can now vouch for myself. It's super casual and pleasant to move around in!

Morten Vinther

Yogamii er lig med bevægeligheden! Det er et hverdagsluksuriøst bevægelses- og hyggetøjs brand, der tager et enormt miljø etisk ansvar og som har en generøs kvalitet. 

Maria Nøhr

Yogamii is genuine in its output, simple and soft in its forms, and real in its communication. The colors and materials are organic. The production is mindful. They are constantly looking at ways to optimize their brand, but never at the expense of human rights, quality, or esthetics.

Emily Losno

I associate yogamii with sustainable, comfortable, and minimalist clothing that is super versatile and can be used for many types of movement.

Christine Bonde