Organic cotton, GOTS and Sustainability

We are proud of our sustainable production chain. With gentle production methods, decent working conditions and certified materials, we have done our best to make sure that buying and wearing our products is an easy conscious choice.

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Interview with _Justnanna

Yoga is my life. Not a single day passes without. It doesn't matter whether it's through self-study, meditation or asana practice. Yoga is in my life every day and makes me whole. I feel better with yoga in my life. In every way imaginable, both physically, mentally and socially.

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Interview with Nadika

Who is Louise Nadika? Louise Nadika is a Danish-Sri Lankan currently living in Copenhagen although originally from Jylland in Denmark. Louise Nadika dreams about travelling to warm and sunny places and about having a home in both the 'cold North' and hot Sri Lanka.

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