Our mission with yogamii is to combine a passion for yoga with a mindful approach and a deep felt responsibility to do things right. Whether in our design processes, our collaborations with our suppliers, or in the relationships we build with our customers, we strive to work with great integrity - to provide you with the best yoga and everyday wear we possibly can.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethics and environmental sustainability constitute the foundation of our corporate values, and we try to implement them in everything we do. 

In working ethically, we strive to build respectful and equal partnerships with our suppliers, providing them with the means to maintain safe and sound businesses and to move towards living wages, which, for us, is a necessity, in an industry where all too many live below poverty lines. 

In committing to our environmental responsibilities, which is of course also an ethical matter, we strive to use gentle production processes as well as certified organic materials, and to design clothes in a way that promotes material and emotional longevity. Many of our practices are also reflected in our GOTS-certification, and you are always welcome to contact us, if you want to learn more about how we work.

Our GOTS certification

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the world's leading standard for organic textiles, and requires environmental and social best practice in the entire production chain - from the fiber in the field to the finished garment. 

For example, GOTS does not allow for the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or harsh and non-biodegradable chemicals that may be of harm to both local biodiversity and human health. Similarly, it emphasizes safe working conditions, living wage targets and freedom of organization - all of which are not a given in the fashion industry. The certification is only granted following satisfactory third party inspection, to further secure a trustworthy standard. We are certified by Controlunion and our license no. is 839743

The Made With Care label also shows that the product is GOTS certified - and that all accessories such as the hangtag, the string, the packaging etc. have been made of sustainably sourced or recycled materials.

Our production partners                           

We are very proud of our production chain and the wonderful people we work with, and together we do our very best to make sure that buying and wearing our products is an easy conscious choice. 

Our skilled suppliers are located in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu in southern India. Tirupur is internationally recognized for its environmentally sound textile production, including its use of renewable energy sources such as solar plants and wind turbines. Additionally, our suppliers have a strong focus on resource optimization and waste water treatment, and it is safe to say that they have become global leaders within their field. We have a longstanding and amiable relationship, and we visit each other a few times a year.


Responsibility beyond our products

For many years, yogamii has supported the Danish - Indian Child Care program in Arni, Tamil Nadu, India. We are proud to say, they have reached their goal in improving the living conditions of local Indian women and children and the program is now self-sustaining.  

Since we have been focused on finding a new project that would allow us to give something back to the country, who's resources we use in our production.

Through the Global Climate Institute, in cooperation with WeForest, we have found the perfect project for our brand as we are now supporting Khasi communities to regenerate their sacred forests, located in what has been described as the wettest place on earth – the hills of the Meghalaya ecoregion in India. 

Thus, in collaboration with our two sister companies, Sourcing House and Best Behavior, we are in the process of planting 1000 trees in the Khasi ecoregion, to help combat deforestation and reduce 125 tons of CO2 over 20 years, benefiting both people and nature.

Curious to know more? You are always welcome to contact us at contact@yogamii.org