About Yogamii

Whether practicing yoga, movement, mindfulness or, if you just like soft and organic clothing, we want you to feel comfortable in what you wear. yogamii is a Danish GOTS certified yoga brand with functional details, comfortable materials and a simple, versatile design.

What brings our team together is the wish to do things right and to create products with purpose and value. Thus, we design yoga wear and accessories with the utmost consideration for environmental and social responsibility throughout.

We strongly believe that yoga goes hand in hand with our values, which is why producing GOTS certified yoga and everyday wear makes sense for the whole team.




Yogamii consists of a power team driven by a love for yoga and characterized by a desire to bring comfortable, functional, and butter-soft activewear into everyday life, all produced under GOTS.

The team comes from different corners of the industry, and together they become the most beautiful symbiosis with a clear direction and goal: "Be mindful"


Lili Denta - Management 

Lili has been working within the field of textile production for fashion brands in Scandinavia for more than 30 years and since 2004 as owner of Sourcing House. She is also a passionate yoga practitioner, and this was the key to starting up yogamii. It is her wish to inspire other clothing brands to focus on producing organic and certified products.




Anna Lindquist Shooster - Operations & Customer Service

Anna is a world traveler, but wherever she is she makes sure business runs smoothly on the backend, by keeping an eye on stock and continually keeping our CMS system up to date. She loves making systems and solving problems. Additionally many of her dreams and  ideas of product designs and colours are actually put into production. Anna is Lili's youngest daughter, and like her mother, she has a passion for yoga and ethical manufacturing.




Kristin Erp - Marketing 

Kristin has worked with many different aspects of design, from the physical to the digital world. She is a creative and world traveler as well, drawing inspiration from her ever-changing surroundings. She ensures our social platforms, website, graphics and emails are created and maintained with love and care.  



Nikolaj Høgh-Nielsen - Fulfillment

Nikolaj is the youngest member of our team. He is in charge of fulfillment and will most likely pack and ship your order. Nikolaj is a total stock hero. He has a good eye for detail and for keeping everything neat. Rest assured, he will always have a great idea of how to optimize just about anything.


Johan Torben Denta - Fulfillment

Meet Johan, our new stock hero and head of fulfillment. Johan is currently in high school and spends most of his free time playing football. He's hardworking and does everything with a big smile.


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