Cork Yoga mat


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Cork Yoga Mat

This amazing Cork Yoga Mat is the most sustainable choice within yoga mats. The mat is made of natural non-slip rubber, with a layer of sustainable, natural cork on top. The mat is provided with a small Yogamii logo on the top.

The cork layer on this mat consists of sustainably harvested cork from the bark of cork trees in Portugal. Therefore no harming or cutting down any trees in the process of making this cork yoga mat.

Due to cork’s amazing qualities, the grip increases when you sweat. This mat is perfect for all styles of yoga, both active ones as well as more slow styles- such as yin and pregnancy yoga.

  • Size: 185 x 61cm, 5mm thick
  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • 1mm sustainable, natural cork
  • 4mm non-slip, flexible natural rubber bottom

    Care Instructions

    To keep your cork yoga mat clean and long lasting, roll out the mat and wipe down the surface with warm water with soap. Leave out until the surface is dry, then roll up as usual.

    Roll so that cork is on the outside and the rubber surface is on the inside of the mat.