Sustainable yoga wear

GOTS certification

Our suppliers in India are GOTS-certified, and we use organic GOTS-certified cotton for our products.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the world's leading standard for organic textiles and sets high standards for organic production as well as social and environmental considerations. Color and allergenic substances must, for example, comply with environmental and health standards.

Our suppliers have a strong focus on resource optimization and waste water treatment after conversion to ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) production - they are in fact one of the best globally. ZLD is a closed system where the water is recycled and no waste is discharged into nature.  
Tirupur is located in the province Tamil Nadu, leaders within environmentally sound textile
production in India. Much of Tirupur's energy comes from renewable sources such as solar plants and wind turbines.  

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is truly important to who we are as a company.

Ethical behavior and environmental sustainability is the foundation of our corporate values. We always try to implement these values in everything we do. That means ensuring safe and proper working conditions at our suppliers' factories, for instance. Additionally, we are very proud of supporting a Children’s Home in India through the humanitarian organisation Danish Indian Child Care. Please read more about the amazing work they do, and see how you are also contributing, when you buy our clothes. Together we are making a difference.