Yogamii Partner Application

Yogamii Partners

We mainly work with yoga- and pilates teachers and sell our products through their studios, but our yogawear and yoga accessories are also to be found in health shops, spa centers or shops.


If you already work with us or wish to become a Yogamii partner and represent our organic yogawear and yoga accessories, we have here a few terms and conditions, that will help us all to a hopefully long lasting collaboration.

As a Yogamii partner you will have access to following options:

Be Reseller

Buy Yogamii products at wholesale prices with 14 days of credit.

For new resellers, we have a minimum order of €500.

Be Ambassador

Become ambassador and buy for own use at wholesale prices and represent Yogamii products.

Be Affiliate partner

Become affiliate partner and earn up to 25% on ad hoc sales with Yogamii online ordering system.

Since more and more have asked about an alternative to being a reseller on normal terms, we thought the affiliate program would fit well to yoga- and pilates teachers, who don’t have too much space for stock and who are not interested in taking a big risk and end up with stock.

When you choose to be affiliate partner, you invest in a yogamii sales collection to represent the styles, you’ve chosen from our selection. Your students can see and try the sales collection at your studio and then buy the style in the right color and size from our webshop by using a code.

Terms - how it works

  • You can buy a sales collection at 45% discount of retail price on our webshop
  • You can buy employee products at 45% discount of retail price on our webshop
  • Your students can buy on our webshop with your code - either themselves or through you.
  • You can choose to give your students a 10% discount. We will provide you with different discount code options.
  • Your commission will automatically be calculated in our system and paid 4 times a year.
  • When the order goes through you, the package will be sent to your studio.
  • When the order is place by your students, the package will be sent to them directly with freight cost.

Conditions - how to stop

If you no longer wish to be partner with us, you’re of course welcome to continue as ambassador. However if you want to stop everything, simply let us know and we will close your codes for any further use and you can then sell your sales collection.  

We look forward to collaborate with you and hope this can be beneficial for you next to your business.

Thanks, Team Yogamii