Our Values

Yogamii as brand and community is built on the following values.

§ Don't forget to breathe

We don’t like to be stressed, so even though we work hard and dream about being a worldwide sustainable yoga brand, we remember to breathe.
Creating yoga products means that we take our time to do it properly. Being a GOTS certified brand, the production process takes more time and we don’t push our suppliers for unrealistic deadlines. We aim to create sustainable conditions for ourselves, for the people we work with and for the process of our products.

§ Help one another

We try our best to be mindful - in what we do, what we buy and in what we wear.
It’s our goal to inspire others to think about the processes and people behind when you buy something. Luckily it’s getting more and more accessible to purchase food and clothes created with care - even big brands are more aware of the importance of sustainability. Help us help others to be mindful about their choices.

§ Make it last

We don’t support the “use and throw away” lifestyle or the “Black Friday” concept, where shops lower their prices to create a shopping frenzy. We support the idea of reusing, recycling and producing things that last. A Danish guy started an alternative to Black Friday last year which he called Green Friday - and the concept is that shops instead choose to increase their prices, and then donate the difference to charity.

§ Compromises

Because we have chosen to be a sustainable brand, we will continue to keep these values even though we have to make sacrifices or compromises along the way.
Just to mention a few things, it means that we can’t use some of the qualities or colors we normally love, that we can’t use certain kind of chemical washes, that gives a great look and sometimes it means months of delays on production.

§ Sharing is caring

We want to bring people together and be active in the communities around us by learning from and sharing with everyone we meet. A community where anyone, who teaches yoga or pilates can share ideas, important info, share students when they travel the world or for those, who want to make events together or collaborate somehow.