Created With Care

Our mission with Yogamii is to combine a passion for yoga with a mindful approach and the need for doing things right - when we design, produce and sell yoga wear.

Sustainable production chain

We are proud of our sustainable production chain. With gentle production methods, decent working conditions and certified materials, we’ve done our best to make sure that buying and wearing our products is an easy conscious choice.

The Created With Care label means that the product is either GOTS certified - ensuring the highest organic quality, or that the product has been made of sustainable materials.

We also invest time in researching alternative production methods for non-cotton products - including recycling.

Who makes it possible

We work closely with a skilled supplier in Tirupur, called Jayaprapha. We are close friends with Rangasamy and Sekaran and visit each other a few times a year to maintain the good relation. Lili has worked with them for many years.

Read how and why she started working with them here



What is GOTS?

Our suppliers in India are GOTS certified, and whenever possible, we use organic GOTS-certified cotton for our products.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is the world's leading standard for organic textiles and set high standards for organic production, social and environmental considerations; like color and allergenic substances must comply with environmental and health standards.

Recycle of water and energy

Our suppliers have a strong focus on resource optimization and waste water treatment after conversion to ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) production one of the best globally. ZLD is a closed system where the water is recycled and no waste is discharged into nature.
Tirupur is located in the state of Tamil Nadu and head of environmentally sound textile production in India. Much of Tirupurs energy comes from renewable sources such as solar plants and wind turbines.

Danish Indian Children’s Home

At yogamii, we want to help to create a better balance in the communities our suppliers and contribute to a positive development.

In cooperation with Danish - Indian Child Welfare, we support the orphanage Danish Indian Children's Home for Girls, which is located in the same region in southern India of Tamil Nadu. The orphanage was started in February 1999 and currently houses nearly 30 girls.

These girls are often without parents or unwanted children, who have had a really tough start in life. At this home the girls get a new family, a safe childhood and the opportunity to educate themselves. Several of the girls are now educated or under education. Some have now left the home and started working in different companies and some of the girls stay and become an employee at the orphanage.

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Give something back

With the special 'hang tags' of our products you will find that you are helping to support the orphanage. Your financial support goes entirely to the orphanage program - mainly for home training pool - but also concrete steps that make a difference. In 2014, we supported a new photovoltaic system that stabilizes electricity supply and ensuring a safe environment in their everyday life

The orphanage daily management is handled by the organization WEEDS, Womens Education & Economic Development Society.

Danish - Indian Child Welfare and WEEDS has also developed vaccination, - awareness, - and health programs together.

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