We support in mindful ways

We support in mindful ways

Yogamii has supported the Danish - Indian Childcare program in Arni, Tamil Nadu, India. We are proud to say, they have reached their goal in improving the living conditions of local Indian women and children and the program is now self-sustaining.  

We were focused on finding a new project that would allow us to give something back to the country, who’s resources we use in our productio

Through the Global Climate Institute, in cooperation with WeForest, we have found the perfect project for our brand.

We are now supporting Khasi communities to regenerate their sacred forests, located in what has been described as the wettest place on earth – the hills of the Meghalaya ecoregion in India. 

In collaboration with our two sister companies, Sourcing House and Best Behavior, we will be planting 1000 trees in the Khasi ecoregion which will help combat deforestation and reduce 125 tons of CO2 over 20 years, benefiting both people and nature. 


By staying true to our values and supporting this project, we will help create a sustainable life for Khasi communities - insuring that this area of incredible biodiversity can flourish again.