Visiting suppliers in India

Visiting suppliers in India

Just returned from our exiting trip to India, visiting Yogamii suppliers in Tirupur.

First of all, we want to say thank you to our suppliers for having us and for producing Yogamii wear. We are so privileged to work with such professional people and grateful to have collaborations like this.

This trip was exceptional important and exiting. Knowing how much it requires to make production into a sustainable industry, we are extremely impressed about the big steps they have taken the last few years to accomplish the huge requirements GOTS certification has.

We experienced how much all our supplliers had grown in high end quality of the entire sustainable production chain. From good facilities, proper working conditions and extra services for workers - to high end control of organic and GOTS certified production. 

We ended up being 5 women visiting suppliers and facilities, so we had so much fun and felt the female power represented :)

It's always a huge learning experience to visit suppliers - to see how much work lies in one piece of clothes - going through a lot of hands and processes. To do this organic and sustainable, is an even bigger task, but also provides all these people with a good job in proper working conditions.