Interview with Nadika

Interview with Nadika

Who is Louise Nadika? Louise Nadika is a Danish-Sri Lankan currently living in Copenhagen although originally from Jylland in Denmark. Louise Nadika dreams about travelling to warm and sunny places and about having a home in both the 'cold North' and hot Sri Lanka.

Q: What does yoga mean to you?
A: Yoga is my sanctuary - my therapy, my physical expression, my playground & my inner oracle. Yoga stretches and strengthens both my mind and my body.

Q: Where did your yoga journey start?
A: In 2009, a good friend recommended me her Indian yoga teacher - from there I took my first trip to India and Sri Lanka.

Q: What do you love most about yoga?
A: The peace, the silence, the raw strength. I love that yoga is a playground for body and mind.

Q: Are there any particular yoga styles that you prefer - and why?
A: Hatha yoga (hot yoga) and yin yoga. The latter challenges me a lot – both body and mind. Yin keeps me calm and prevents me from moving on too fast. It invites me to experience the process from A to Z.

Q: Do you have a favorite yoga position?
No, I do not actually have a favorite yoga position.

Q: How does yoga influence your life?
A: This is where I find peace when the storm hits me. This is where I awaken my body and mind when the melancholy covers me like a heavy blanket. Yoga is where I feel life – I feel my heart beating and the blood pumping through my veins.

I acknowledge my thoughts, undisturbed, and like layers they are peeled off and I am able to reach all the way into that place, where I find peace and forgiveness. Where I simply can BE.

Q: What is your best advice for someone who is considering trying yoga?
A: Let considering become a decision to do yoga. Just once and then once again. Feel your body all the way down to your toes, and then sense your spirit on the way up. And then go back, again and again ...